Conquering Destiny 2: Unlocking Empire Hunts for Endless Adventure

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion introduced a captivating new activity known as Empire Hunts. These challenging missions, set on the icy moon of Europa, promise rich rewards for those brave enough to undertake them. This guide delves into the intricacies of unlocking and mastering Empire Hunts for an exhilarating Destiny 2 experience.

Conquering Destiny 2

The World of Empire Hunts

Empire Hunts Unveiled

Empire Hunts form a significant part of Destiny 2’s post-campaign content. These missions, led by Variks, the Loyal, task Guardians with facing formidable foes known as Wrathborn, who serve the dark forces threatening Europa.

Rewards That Await

Completing Empire Hunts opens the door to a trove of rewards, including powerful gear, weapons, and the chance to enhance your character’s capabilities. These missions also contribute to overall progression, offering a sense of accomplishment and a pathway to higher Power Levels.

Unlocking the Gateway: How to Access Empire Hunts

Completing Beyond Light Campaign

Before diving into Empire Hunts, ensure you’ve completed the Beyond Light campaign. The narrative sets the stage for the challenges that follow, providing context and motivation for your endeavors.

Meeting Variks, the Loyal

Once the campaign concludes, Variks, the Loyal, becomes a pivotal character. Visit him on Europa, where he will introduce you to the world of Empire Hunts and provide initial quests to set you on your path.

Conquering Destiny 2

Preparation for Empire Hunts

Understanding Power Level Requirements

Empire Hunts come with varying Power Level requirements. Before embarking on these missions, ensure your Guardian’s Power Level aligns with or surpasses the recommended threshold to face the challenges that await.

Gathering Necessary Gear

Equip your Guardian with a well-rounded arsenal. Consider weapons and armor that cater to different enemy types and situations. This preparation ensures adaptability during the unpredictable encounters within Empire Hunts.

Embarking on Empire Hunts

Selecting the Right Empire Hunt

Empire Hunts come in different tiers, each offering varying levels of difficulty and corresponding rewards. Choose a hunt that aligns with your current Power Level and desired loot, gradually progressing to more challenging tiers as your Guardian grows stronger.

Assembling a Fireteam

While some Empire Hunts can be tackled solo, assembling a fireteam significantly enhances your chances of success. Coordinate with fellow Guardians to strategize, share roles, and overcome the formidable foes as a united front.

Strategies for Success

Exploiting Enemy Weaknesses

Each Empire Hunt features unique enemies with specific strengths and weaknesses. Study the Wrathborn you face and tailor your loadout accordingly. Exploit their vulnerabilities to gain the upper hand in battle.

Effective Team Coordination

For fireteams, effective coordination is paramount. Assign roles, communicate enemy movements, and synchronize actions to maximize efficiency. A well-coordinated team can tackle even the most challenging Empire Hunts with finesse.

Post-Hunt Celebrations: Rewards and Progression

Collecting Spoils of Victory

Completing an Empire Hunt brings forth a bounty of rewards. From powerful gear to new weapons, each successful mission contributes to enhancing your Guardian’s capabilities. Take the time to savor the fruits of your labor.

Tracking Progression

Empire Hunts contribute to your overall Destiny 2 progression. Monitor your Triumphs, Challenges, and Power Level growth as you continue your journey. Tracking progression ensures you stay on course to face increasingly formidable foes.

Frequent Challenges and Rotations

Weekly Challenges

Engage with weekly Empire Hunt challenges to diversify your gameplay. These challenges often provide unique modifiers or additional objectives, adding an extra layer of complexity to the missions.

Rotational Empire Hunts

Destiny 2’s evolving landscape introduces rotational Empire Hunts, offering a dynamic gameplay experience. Stay informed about weekly rotations to adapt your strategies and explore new challenges regularly.

Conquering Destiny 2

Staying Informed with Destiny 2 Updates

Official Patch Notes

Destiny 2 receives regular updates that can impact various aspects of the game, including Empire Hunts. Stay informed by regularly checking official patch notes released by Bungie to adapt your strategies to the evolving landscape.

Community Insights

Engage with the Destiny 2 community to gain insights into effective strategies for Empire Hunts. Online forums, social media groups, and discussions provide valuable information and user experiences that can enhance your Empire Hunt proficiency.


Unlocking and mastering Empire Hunts in Destiny 2 offers a dynamic and rewarding gameplay experience. As you face Wrathborn and collect the spoils of victory, remember that each Empire Hunt is not just a mission; it’s a step toward becoming a legend in the world of Destiny 2.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are Empire Hunts in Destiny 2?

Empire Hunts are a gameplay feature in Destiny 2 that involves challenging PvE (Player versus Environment) activities where players face powerful foes and engage in intense battles.

How do I unlock Empire Hunts in Destiny 2?

To unlock Empire Hunts, progress through the Beyond Light expansion campaign in Destiny 2. Complete key story missions and objectives until you reach a point where Empire Hunts become accessible.

Can I access Empire Hunts without purchasing the Beyond Light expansion?

No, Empire Hunts are part of the Beyond Light expansion content. You need to purchase and install the Beyond Light expansion to access Empire Hunts and other associated features.

Where can I find Empire Hunts in Destiny 2?

Empire Hunts can typically be accessed on Europa, the location introduced in the Beyond Light expansion. Visit Variks, the vendor on Europa, to find and initiate Empire Hunts.

Are there specific requirements to participate in Empire Hunts?

While there may not be specific level requirements, it’s advisable to have a high Power Level to tackle Empire Hunts effectively. Ensure your character is adequately geared before attempting these challenging activities.

What rewards can I earn from completing Empire Hunts?

Completing Empire Hunts can yield various rewards, including powerful gear, weapons, and other valuable items. Check the specific Empire Hunt description for details on potential rewards.

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