Buster Farming in Fate/Grand Order: Strategies without Koyanskaya or Oberon

Buster farming is a cornerstone strategy in Fate/Grand Order, known for its high burst damage and quick quest completions. While Koyanskaya and Oberon are powerful supports for Buster teams, this guide explores effective strategies when these supports are unavailable.

Strategies without Koyanskaya or Oberon

Understanding Buster Farming

The Significance of Buster Teams

Buster teams rely on dealing massive damage through Buster cards, often facilitating quick and efficient farming. This strategy is favored for its ability to clear waves swiftly, making it popular among FGO players.

Challenges Without Koyanskaya or Oberon

Koyanskaya and Oberon are sought-after supports due to their ability to boost Buster performance significantly. Without these supports, players face challenges in optimizing damage output and NP gain.

Building an Effective Buster Team

Selecting the Right Servants

In the absence of Koyanskaya or Oberon, choosing the right DPS (Damage Per Second) servants becomes crucial. Prioritize those with high NP damage and compatible skills to enhance Buster performance.

Craft Essences for Maximum Impact

Compensate for the absence of specific supports by equipping Craft Essences that boost Buster performance, NP damage, or critical damage. Tailor your CE choices to your selected DPS servants.

Optimizing Skill Usage

Understanding Servant Skills

Mastering the usage of servant skills is pivotal. Prioritize skills that enhance Buster performance, critical damage, or NP generation. Time these skills strategically for maximum impact.

Synergizing Skill Activation

Coordinate the activation of skills among your team to create synergies. Combining offensive buffs and defensive skills ensures sustained damage output and survivability.

Strategies without Koyanskaya or Oberon

Strategic Command Card Placement

Maximizing Buster Card Impact

Place Buster cards strategically to optimize damage output. Prioritize using Buster cards during brave chains and NP activations for a significant damage boost.

Utilizing Brave Chains

Create brave chains with Buster cards to unleash devastating combos. Prioritize placing Buster cards at the end of brave chains to benefit from increased critical star absorption.

Overcoming NP Gain Challenges

Craft Essences and CE Bombs

Compensate for lower NP gain without Koyanskaya or Oberon by investing in Craft Essences that boost NP generation. Additionally, consider creating Craft Essence bombs for enhanced CE effects.

NP Gain Buffs and Support

Select support servants with NP gain buffs to enhance your team’s overall NP generation. Skills that increase critical star generation can also contribute to faster NP gain.

Handling AoE and Single Target Scenarios

Team Composition Adjustments

Adapt your team composition based on whether you’re facing AoE or single target encounters. Adjusting DPS and support servants ensures efficient farming across different quest types.

Craft Essences for Specific Encounters

Tailor your Craft Essence choices to the specific encounter. For AoE scenarios, prioritize CEs that boost AoE NP damage, while single target encounters benefit from CEs focused on single target damage.

Strategies without Koyanskaya or Oberon

Tackling High-HP Bosses

Critical Damage and Star Generation

Compensate for the absence of Oberon’s critical damage boost by incorporating servants and Craft Essences that excel in critical damage and star generation.

Sustainable NP Looping

Explore strategies for sustainable NP looping, allowing your DPS servant to consistently unleash NPs. This requires careful planning of team composition, skill usage, and Craft Essence choices.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

Staying Informed on Servant Updates

Stay informed about updates and buffs to existing servants. Servant upgrades can significantly impact their viability in Buster farming teams.

Experimenting with Team Compositions

Continuously experiment with different team compositions. Adjusting your approach based on servant synergies and encounter specifics enhances your ability to tackle diverse challenges.

Strategies without Koyanskaya or Oberon


Mastering Buster farming without Koyanskaya or Oberon requires strategic thinking, adaptability, and a deep understanding of servant mechanics. By selecting the right servants, optimizing skills and Craft Essences, and continuously refining your approach, you can achieve efficient and effective Buster farming in Fate/Grand Order.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I effectively Buster farm without Koyanskaya or Oberon in Fate/Grand Order (FGO)?

Yes, it is possible to Buster farm efficiently without Koyanskaya or Oberon by optimizing your team composition and utilizing alternative support Servants.

Who are some alternative support Servants for Buster farming?

Alternative support Servants include Merlin, Shakespeare, and Helena. These Servants provide valuable buffs and NP charge to enhance your team’s Buster performance.

What Craft Essences (CEs) should I use for Buster farming without Koyanskaya or Oberon?

Equip CEs that boost Buster performance, NP damage, or provide starting NP gauge. Examples include “Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament” and “Aerial Drive.”

How can I optimize NP gain for my primary DPS Servant without Oberon’s NP battery?

Utilize skills, CEs, and Mystic Code abilities that enhance NP gain. Additionally, focus on creating Arts and Quick chains to generate more NP gauge.

Is there a specific Mystic Code that works well for Buster farming without Koyanskaya or Oberon?

The Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code is a versatile choice, offering a party-wide NP charge and the Order Change skill for strategic swaps.

Are there any specific strategies for organizing a Buster farming team without Oberon or Koyanskaya?

Arrange your team for Buster chains to maximize damage output. Place your primary DPS Servant in the third slot for the strongest impact.

Can I still achieve high damage output without Koyanskaya’s Buster buffs?

Yes, you can achieve high damage by strategically using alternative support Servants and selecting Craft Essences that enhance Buster performance.

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